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Cell Phone Photos Feature

We’ve decided to run a large multi-page feature on outstanding cell phone photos in Issue 2 of Filigree!

Why, you may ask. Well, we have seen tons of beautifully composed, framed, and shot photos come from smart phones and their fun photo apps. While some people get lucky, some people have really created a new art of this. Without the advanced functions of a DSLR and photoshop, they are still creating breathtaking photos, and these deserve to be showcased as much as any other photograph.

Anyone is welcome to submit for this multi-artist feature, though we will be selecting only a few of our favorites for the final run. Only those selected will be required to sign a release granting us permission to publish (but no rights to) the photos. All artists will be credited in text. Selected artists will be contacted via cell phone and should be able to provide high res photos on their phones (settings may need to be changed to “large” size @ 1200x1600 for this). Please note: due to resolution below standard print size, we may not be able to run full page photos for this feature.

Please send submissions to with “CELL PHONE” in the subject line. Submissions for this feature will be due at 1AM on 09/26/2011. Submissions should include the artist name and location as well as type and model of phone, camera megapixels, application, “lens,” and filters used.

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